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Jewels from John

John started life as a fisherman but left his father Zebeddee’s business to become a desciple of Jesus Christ. In the three and a half years that followed John would become an eyewitness to the work, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Later in life John would write the gospel that bears his name. it’s purpose is crystal clear: to set forth Jesus Christ in His deity in order to spark believing faith in his readers: –

“But these are written, that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing ye might have life through his name.”

John chapter 20 verse 31

More about John: Jesus nicknamed John and his brother, James, “the Sons of Thunder”. Their father was Zebedee, and their mother, Salome, served Jesus in Galilee and was present at His crucifixion. John was among the Galileans who followed John the Baptist until they were called to follow Jesus at the outset of His public ministry.  These Galileans were later called to become full-time disciples of the Lord, and John was among the twelve men who were selected to be apostles.  After Christ’s ascension, John became one of the “pillars” of the church in Jerusalem along with James and Peter. 

Tradition says that John later went to Ephesus (perhaps just before the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70).  He was eventually exiled by the Romans for a time to the island of Patmos.

In his Gospel writing, he describes himself as the disciple “whom Jesus loved”.

May God bless you for listening.

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