The Gospel by Matthew

Matthew ch. 1 (a)The Genealogy of Christ (part 1)Andrew de Ville29-Nov-2020
Matthew ch. 1 (b)The Genealogy of Christ (part 2)Andrew de Ville06-Dec-2020
Matthew ch. 1 (c)The Birth of ChristAndrew de Ville13-Dec-2020
Matthew ch. 2 (a)The Magi from the EastAndrew de Ville20-Dec-2020
Matthew ch. 2 (b)Worshipping the Christ ChildAndrew de Ville29-Dec-2020
Matthew ch. 3 (a)John the Baptist (a)Andrew de Ville03-Jan-2021
Matthew ch. 3 (b)John the Baptist (b)Andrew de Ville10-Jan-2021
Matthew ch. 3 (c)The Baptism of ChristAndrew de Ville17-Jan-2021
Matthew ch. 4 (a)The Temptations of Christ (a)Andrew de Ville24-Jan-2021
Matthew ch. 4 (b)The Temptations of Christ (b)Andrew de Ville31-Jan-2021
Matthew ch. 4 (c)Teaching, Preaching and HealingAndrew de Ville07-Feb-2021
Matthew ch. 5 (a)Blessed are the …
Andrew de Ville14-Feb-2021
Matthew ch. 5 (b)Blessed are the …
Andrew de Ville21-Feb-2021
Matthew ch. 5 (c)But I say unto you …
Andrew de Ville28-Feb-2021
Matthew ch. 6 (a)Almsgiving, Prayer and FastingAndrew de Ville07-Mar-2021
Matthew ch. 6 (b)Treasures in HeavenAndrew de Ville14-Mar-2021
Matthew ch. 7 (a) Ask, Seek and KnockAndrew de Ville 21-Mar-2021
Matthew ch. 7 (b) Two Gates, Two Trees and Two FoundationsAndrew de Ville 28-Mar-2021
Matthew ch. 8 (a) Miracles of Christ in CapernaeumAndrew de Ville 04-Apr-2021
Matthew ch. 8 (b) Cost of Discipleship,
Miracles of Christ
Andrew de Ville 11-Apr-2021
Matthew ch. 9 (a)

Miracles of Christ in Capernaeum,
The call of Matthew
Andrew de Ville 18-Apr-2021
Matthew ch. 9 (b) Five points on further miracles of Christ Andrew de Ville 25-Apr-2021
Matthew ch. 10 (a) The Twelve ApostlesAndrew de Ville 02-May-2021
Matthew ch. 10 (b) “Fear ye not”Andrew de Ville 09-May-2021
Matthew ch. 10 (c)Taking up the CrossAndrew de Ville 16-May-2021
Matthew ch. 11 (a) John the BaptistAndrew de Ville 23-May-2021
Matthew ch. 11 (b) “Take My Yoke Upon You”Andrew de Ville30-May-2021
Matthew ch. 12 (a) “The Son of man is Lord even of the Sabbath”Andrew de Ville 06-June-2021
Matthew ch. 12 (b) God’s Perfect ServantAndrew de Ville 13-June-2021
Matthew ch. 12 (c) The Unpardonable SinAndrew de Ville 20-June-2021
Matthew ch. 13 (a) The Mysteries of the Kingdom of HeavenAndrew de Ville 27-June-2021
Matthew ch. 13 (b) The Wheat and the TaresAndrew de Ville 04-July-2021
Matthew ch. 13 (c)The Kingdom ParablesAndrew de Ville 11-July-2021
Matthew ch. 13 (d) Rejection at Nazareth Andrew de Ville 18-July-2021
Matthew ch. 14 (a) The Death of John the Baptist Andrew de Ville 25-July-2021
Matthew ch. 14 (b) The Feeding of the Five Thousand Andrew de Ville 01-Aug-2021
Initial recordings from Zoom sessions, during the Covid-19 restrictions, 2020/21.

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